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Charles River Ramble 2.6 Miler

Cambridge, MA, May 16, 2002

Overall Results

Hosted by the Somerville Striders

She's a Brig----house
Mighty might just lettin' it all hang out
She's a Brig----house
The lady's stacked and that's a fact,
ain't holding nothing back.

Sounds like a song from way back....but anyways..3 in a row and Nicole Brighouse nows owns the Charles River Ramble, at least for one more week .... cause next week we may see the return of the former Hyannis Marathon winner-Katie Griffith-Calendar who will put Nicole to the test!!!

Even so, she is a pretty good champion...and new SSAC member along with hubs-David, who mingles with the crowd has a beer and enjoys the BBQ...what more can you ask for in a champion!!

We could call this the "Somerville Homie Run"...tonight with many Somerville natives as well as Somerville Barney's joining us on the road...nice feelin' when the friends come to visit:>)

Huge time on the Charles River next Thursday night...when we will be running the first of many double loops this spring & summer with this one being dubbed the Charles River Ramble "Dupe Double Loop" 5.2 Miler, as well as saluting as a good a supporter as a sports organization could have...Jimmy DuPont ...Don't forget to wear orange???

Women's Masters:
    1. Deb Fichtner         LSRC            Charlestown, MA       23:01

Women's Open:
    1. Nicole Brighouse     SSAC             Cambridge, MA        18:48
    2. Michelle McAndrews   SSAC             Nashua, NH           19:05
    3. Patricia French      CSU              Somerville, MA       19:36
    4. Sue Driscoll         SSAC             Newton, MA           20:40
    5. Deb Brendemuehl      SMRC             Arlington, MA        23:04
    6. MaryEllen Suprenant                   Somerville, MA       23:32
    7. Michelle Burns                        Somerville, MA       23:54
    8. Kerri Keane          MRC              Medford, MA          24:10
    9. Holly Vestal                          Boston, MA           24:55
    10. Tracy Clark                          Toronto, CA          24:56
    11. Stephanie Schroot   SRR              Somerville, MA       25:32
    12. Jessica Rich                         Watertown, MA        27:11

Men's Open:
    1. Chris Forti           HFC             Everett, MA          14:04
    2. Drew Schneller        BTT             Boston, MA           15:25
    3. Fergus Quigley                        Somerville, MA       16:32
    4. Dave King                             Miami, FLA           19:49
    5. Paul Watson                           Cambridge, MA        19:57
    6. Michael Manoogian     SSAC            Somerville, MA       20:29
    7. Chris Lehr                            Watertown, MA        22:06
    8. Mike Deaguero                         Weymouth, MA         22:43
    9. Matt Tolsen                           Provincetown, MA     22:44
    10. Paul Cyr                             Northhampton, MA     24:57
    11. Gregory Veno                         Woburn, MA           26:09

Men's Masters (40-49 y.o.)
    1. Gary Galuski                          Cambridge, MA        16:45
    2. Kevin McWatters                       Somerville, MA       18:10
    3. Dave Morse                            Cambridge, MA        19:37
    4. Chris Bergholtz                       Somerville, MA       19:47
    5. Jim Dellano            SSAC           Sudbury, MA          22:24
    6. Dennis Fardy                          Stoneham, MA         24:44
    7. John Manoogian         SSAC           Somerville, MA       26:08
    8. Gregory Gillis                        Somerville, MA       26:38
    9. Mike Avery             SFRC           Somerville, MA       26:39

Men's Sr. Masters (50+ y.o.)
    1. Jim Murphy             GSH            Somerville, MA       16:43
    2. Brian Poli             SSAC           Lynn, MA             22:38
    3. Jack Curtin            NMC            Cambridge, MA        27:38

Clydesdale Open:
    1. Chris Shaffer          USACFRF        Framingham, MA       16:53
    2. Larry Driscoll         USACFRF        Newton, MA           18:19
    3. Doug Peterson          SRR            Watertown, MA        19:53
    4. Dave Joyce                            Dorchester, MA       22:19
    5. Peter Cleary                          Somerville, MA       23:40
    6. Jon Phelps                            Watertown, MA        24:39

Clydesdale Masters:
    1. Mike Henderson                        Somerville, MA       18:37
    2. Freddie Kirk           SSAC           Woburn, MA           18:38
    3. Jim Whittemore         SSAC           Leominster, MA       18:51
    4. Elvis Bird             SSAC           Somerville, MA       21:20

    LSRC= L Street Running Club
    SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
    SFDRT= Somerville Fire Department Racing Team
    USACFRF= USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Federation
    MRC= Melrose Running Club
    CSU= Cambridge Sports Union
    HFC= Hurtin' Fer Certain
    GSH= Greater Springfield Harriers
    BTT= Boston Triathlon Team
    NMC= North Medford Club
    SMRC= Smartmouth Running Club
    SRR= Somerville Road Runners