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Marsh Post Charles River Ramble "Remembering D-Day" 2.6 Miler

Cambridge, MA, June 6, 2002

Overall Results

Hosted by the Somerville Striders

The good Lord said "build it and they will come, and then it will rain for 
40 days and 40 nights"..well it hasn't rained for 40 days and 40 nights but 
it sure as heck feels like it has... with the wind and rain whippin' off the 
Charles River tonight!!

No coincidence that the crowd had a major ole folk presence!! Next time your at the GAP...ask a 20something which way to Normandy Beach and they will probably point towards Nantasket Beach:>)

1. Hennessey- 52 years old, 2. Galuski- 48 years old, 3. Murphy- 55 years old... vintage whiskey, keilbasa & stout!!!

If your usually sneakin' out the door on Thursday nights to run and you always leave the ole lady something different next week and team up with her at the MIX 98.5 & New Balance Charles River Ramble Couples Relay...and if you find yourself relationship wise challenged..then leave it up to me!!! I'll find you a mate at least for the relay:>)

 Women Masters:
 1. Anne Marie McDonald              Weymouth, MA          32:00
 Women Open:
 1. Nicole Brighouse        SSAC     Cambridge, MA         18:07
 2. Marie Kemp              SSAC     Jackson, MS           18:21
 3. Ellen Parker                      Podunk, GA           20:28
 4. Sue Driscoll            SSAC     Newton, MA            20:50
 5. Stephanie Schroot       SRR      Hamilton, MA          22:53
 Men Masters:
 1. Paul Hennessey          LAC      Lynn, MA              16:08
 2. Gary Galuski                     Cambridge, MA         16:25
 3. Jim Murphy              GSH      Somerville, MA        16:38
 4. Tom Merrill             GCS      Pelham, NH            17:10
 5. Ron LeBlanc             SSAC     Lynn, MA              18:20
 6. Jim Whittemore          SSAC     Leominster, MA        19:15
 7. Mike Fitzgerald         LAC      Lynn, MA              19:37
 8. Jim Dellano             SSAC     Sudbury, MA           21:54
 9. Brian Poli              SSAC     Lynn, MA              23:58
 10. John Manoogian         SSAC     Somerville, MA        24:33
 11. Jack Curtin            SSAC     N. Cambridge, MA      25:53
 Men Open:
 1. Kevin Christian         SSAC     Dorchester, MA        17:49
 2. Warren Hunter           GBTC     Cambridge, MA         17:58
 3. Jack Terranova          GBTC     Chestnut Hill, MA     18:15
 4. Larry Driscoll          USACFRF  Newton, MA            18:37
 5. David Brighouse         SSAC     Cambridge, MA         18:38
 6. Mark Wolfgang                    Watertown, MA         19:12
 7. Greg Menounos           SRR      Watertown, MA         19:40
 8. Christian Schmidt                Cambridge, MA         20:29
 9. Greg Grant              SSAC     Dorchester, MA        22:39
 10. Jim Sweeney            SRR      Bradford, PA          22:49
 11. Mike Manoogian         SSAC     Somerville, MA        24:32
 SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
 USACFRF= USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Federation
 GBTC= Greater Boston Track Club
 SRR= Somerville Road Runners
 GSH= Greater Springfield Harriers
 LAC= Lynn Athletic Club
 GCS= Gate City Striders