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Marsh Post Charles River Ramble Duathlon & 2.6 Miler

Cambridge, MA, June 20, 2002

Overall Results

Hosted by the Somerville Striders

Somerville Striders, Somerville Road Runners, Somerville Swim Team, 
Somerville Fire Department Racing Team..I am getting so confused...but it is 
nice to see the folks from the various Somerville Fiefdoms tasting something 
different outside of Somerville..every so often..really one big happy family 
havin' fun!!

Elder statesman, Jack Curtin soon to be 71 years old..boldly stated in May he would get back into the 25 minute range by hook or by crook after a winter in Florida sippin' good Jameson whiskey and walking his dog..he did tonight with no time to spare since he goes under the knife this week to fix a real male nag of an injury...and he may not get back on the roads for a wee bit!!

The 1st ever Charles River Ramble Duathlon went off like it should..loads of fun for the participants and the race director and his very able crew of riff-raff..Jerry Bailey went into the last run transition in 4th place and quicker than the Race Director can say "yes" after being asked if he wants a beer, went onto win the men's side of the Charles River....Jerry is the track coach at Malden Catholic..the RD's alma mater(sp)-so if your kid's are getting coached by Jerry they are in good hands.. and on the ladies side of the Charles River was Gretch Wilson who looks so strong I think she could throw you over to the men's side of the Charles River went and whupped all the rest of the lovely ladies tonight...only one team tonight..but a classy one at that..any teams a classy one with Jimmy Sweeney on it..including Kate Maul..who along with Jimmy & Amanda Whittemore brought along their babies makin' it a real family night..on the Charles River :>)


Charles River Ramble Duathlon
2.6M-Run 5.2M-Bike 2.6M-Run

Mixed Open Team:
    1. CIVRA   Genny Creamers     Buffalo, NY         1:00:10
               (Jim Sweeney & Kate Maul)
Women's Open:
    1. Gretchen Wilson    SRR     Andover, MA         1:00:09
Women's Masters:
    1. Linda Crusco               Waltham, MA         1:03:49
Filly Open:
    1. Jessica Rich               Waltham, MA         1:06:14
Men's Open:
    1. Jerry Bailey                Melrose, MA               50:32
    2. Josh Gordon                 Boston, MA                51:44
    3. Fergus Quigley      SRR     Nenagh, Co. Tipperary     52:30
    4. Craig Keefe                 Watertwon, MA             54:55
    5. Gerry Chenelle              Windham, N.H.             59:14
    6. Patrick Roche               Somerville, MA            1:03:47
    7. Randall Woods               Burlington, MA            1:06:55
    8. Mike Deaguero               Weymouth, MA              1:12:25  
Men's Masters   
    1. Peter Eliopoulos            Methuen, MA               51:38
    2. Jim DuPont           SSAC   Raynham, MA               1:00:39
Men's Sr. Masters    
    1. Bob Nesson                  Somerville, MA            1:01:05
Clydesdale 190-210lbs:   
    1. Greg Larson                 Dorchester, MA            59:03
Clydesdale 211-225lbs.    
    1. Dave Joyce                  Weymouth, MA              1:06:18
Clydesdale 226lbs.+  
    1. Jim Whittemore       SSAC   Leominster, MA            1:02:00
    2. Eddie Polk                  Springfield, MA           1:07:18
    3. Big Sam Voolich             Somerville, MA            1:08:42
Charles River Ramble 2.6 Miler
Men's Open:
    1. Trevor Dekoekkoek            Navoola, Zambia          17:11
    2. Ted Norton            NTE-RR Woburn, MA               17:41
    3. Ken McWilliams               Beverly, MA              17:46
    4. Brendan McWilliams           Arlington, MA            18:18
    5. David Brighouse       SSAC   Cambridge, MA            18:38
    6. Christian Schmidt     SSAC   Cambridge, MA            19:46
    7. Brendan Shea                 Medford, MA              20:14
    8. Mike Manoogian        SSAC   Somerville, MA           21:27
    9. Peter Young                  Cambridge, MA            21:32 
Men's Sr. Masters
    1. Charlie LaRosa                Revere, MA              20:15
    2. Brian Poli             SSAC   Lynn, MA                22:57
    3. Jack Curtin            NMC    Cambridge, MA           25:58
    1. Large Larry Driscoll  USACFRF Newton, MA              18:42
    2. Greg Grant             SSAC   Dorchester, MA          22:24        
    3. Ryan Hanna                    Watertown, MA           23:44
    4. Jon Phelps                    Watertown, MA           24:05
    5. Elvis Bird             SSAC   Somerville, MA          27:28
    6. John Halloran                 Cambridge, MA           28:57
Women Open:
    1. Nicole Brighouse       SSAC   Cambridge, MA           18:40
    2. Michelle McAndrews     SSAC   Nashua, NH              19:18
    3. Sri Dixit                     Natick, MA              20:29
    4. Patricia French        CSU    Somerville, MA          20:50
    5. Sue Driscoll           SSAC   Newton, MA              20:57
    6. Laura Hunt             SSAC   Brookline, MA           21:04
    7. Juliya Akselrod               Boston, MA              21:53 
    8. Tricia Simmons                S. Boston, MA           21:54
    9. Katie Georgitis               Brookline, MA           23:10
    10. Susie Tully                  Somerville, MA          23:11
    11. Jessica Brindeen             Weymouth, MA            23:45
    12. Holly Vestal                 Boston, MA              24:06
    13. Stephanie Schroot     SRR    Hamilton, MA            24:28
    14. Kim Prudhomme                S. Boston, MA           25:25
    15. Danielle Sheehan             Somerville, MA          25:26
    16.Jenn Gilberto                 Allston, MA             26:05
    17. Debbie Bird           SSAC   Somerville, MA          27:29
    18. Kristin Barrett              Boston, MA              28:20
    19. Andrea Johnston              Somerville, MA          32:26
Women's Masters
      1. Dodie Woodbridge            Watertown, MA           22:02 
   SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
   NMC= North Medford Club
   NTE-RR= NTE Road Runners
   CSU= Cambridge Sports Union
   USACFRF= USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Federation >>