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IATC Mac Donald Park 2.5 Mile Race Series

Medford, MA, June 13, 2002

Overall Results

The Irish American Track Club runs a weekly 2.5 mile race at MacDonald Park in Medford, Thursday evenings (through August 29th) at 6:30 PM.

For more race information, see Photos of 06/13/02 Race..

The Early Leaders
The Early Leaders

 Name            City State      Gender Age Group   Time 
1 Steve Burton    Medford MA      Male Senior        14:19 
2 Kevin Hynes     Medford MA      Male Open          14:28 
3 Kevin Davis     Medford MA      Male Open          14:40 
4 Don Berney      Cambridge MA    Male Master        14:43 
5 Dan Smith       Somerville MA   Male Open          15:47 
6 Mark Winter     Everett MA      Male Open          16:15 
7 Ray Charboneau  Medford MA      Male Master        16:18 
8 Frankie Keane   Charlestown MA  Male Veteran       17:18 
9 Steve Pepe      Bedford MA      Male Master        17:18 
10 Paul Abraham   Charlestown MA  Male Senior        17:30 
11 Aileen Mason   Andover MA      Female Open        17:48 
12 John Grant     Medford MA      Male Senior        18:34 
13 Kevin Mucci    Medford MA      Male Master        19:00 
14 Joe MacDonald  Medford MA      Male Senior        27:33