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Pocumtuck Ridge Race 5K: Week 3

South Deerfield, MA, July 19, 2002

Results from a Wet and Stormy Week 3

For more race information, see More Information About the Ridge Race.

1Leigh Schmidt19:05
2Derek Beard19:13
3Jason Farber21:00
4Jason Collins21:06
5Kyle Robichaud23:27
6Owen Kiely23:27
7Todd Walker23:33
8Tom Davidson 24:22
9Joe Rois25:12:00
10Tom Whelan25:22:00
11Mike Butler25:22:00
12Jason Dominick25:58:00
13Jim Sawin25:59:00
14Paul Voiland26:34:00
15Tom Kiely28:31:00
16Andy Bockus28:44:00
17Bob Massaro29:05:00
18Dave Martula30:34:00