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Marsh Post Charles River Ramble Threesome Relay & 2.6 Miler

Cambridge, MA, July 11, 2002

Overall Results

Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

60 folks running tonight and another 20+ just hanging around enjoying the camraderie of all the runners and the nice cool evening on the Charles River and don't forget the nicely chilled Harpoon Brewery beers:>)

Pound for Pound..Joshua Gordon may have it over Kurt Perham who has the more faster moving "fast twitch" muscles..but if we judged tonights race on a pound for pound basis..then the battle goes to former Boston College Track Team Captain "Fast" Freddie Kirk...two time Millrose Games participant..few since broken BC records....and now a mere bowl of pudding over 260lbs.. blows out a 17:49 tonight and then does the 50 meter dash his real distance over to the BBQ table to fire up the grille and get the burgers and dogs ready for the slower folks who come in with a hunger only a Kahns All Beef Hot Dog can cure!!!!

Whole bunch of ladies tonight doing a tune-up tonight in preparation for the July 25th "Do You Think I Am Sexy" 4.2 Miler...a running babe ONLY RACE with an all men volunteer benefit the Friends of Ornella Melanoma Cancer Fund which is associated with Dana Farber in Boston

Looks Like We Won Again Tonight "little jimmy":>)

Charles River Ramble Threesome Relay 7.8 Miles
1. M & M's                                                       48:56
      (Bill Vital, Mark Vital & Kevin McWatters)  
2. Kilkenny Cats                                                 53:42
       (Eoin McWilliams, Brendan McWilliams & Ken McWilliams)  
3. Somerville Striders Athletic Club  ABC TEAM                   56:34
       (Nicole Brighouse, David Brighouse & Laura Hunt)  
4. Snoopy Bryants                                                58:52
       (Scott Shipley, Ali Shipley & Steve Bender)   
5.  All in the Family                                            1:22:00
        (Charlie LaRosa, Tony LaRosa & Joe DeLuca)
Charles River Ramble 2.6 Miler
The Lovely Ladies: 
  1. Bethany Arrand           ESC          Medford, MA         16:36
  2. Katie Calendar                        Cambridge, MA       17:38
  3. Kendall Medici                        S.Boston, MA        18:18
  4. Michelle McAndrews       SSAC         Nashua, NH          20:22
  5. Meghan Barry                          Quincy, MA          21:05
  6. Linda Crusco             WRC          Waltham, MA         22:56
  7. Kristen Silva                         Brighton, MA        23:49
  8. Kim Prudhomme                         S. Boston, MA       23:50
  9. Nicole Castronuovo                    Brookline, MA       23:57
  10. Kerry Keane             MRC          Medford, MA         24:55
  11. Stephanie Schroot       SRR          Hamilton, MA        25:03
  12. Jenn Giliberto                       Allston, MA         25:06
  13. Jen Smith                            Watertown, MA       25:07
  14. Jess Rich                            Watertown, MA       25:19
  15. Christine Hassig                     Stoneham, MA        25:21
  16. Deb Bird                SSAC         Somerville, MA      26:36
  17. Danielle Wierzbicki                  Boston, MA          27:24
  The Boys (0-39 y.o.):
  1. Kurt Perham               CSU         Boulder, CO         14:43
  2. Joshua Gordon                         Boston, MA          15:15
  3. Andy Silvia                           Boston, MA          15:28
  4. Art Smith                             Boston, MA          16:07
  5. Patrick Roche                         Somerville, MA      17:23
  6. Louis Konce                           Lexington, MA       18:03
  7. Greg Larson                           Dorchester, MA      18:04
  8. Christian Schmidt         SSAC        Cambridge, MA       18:31
  9. Todd Hutchinson                       Arlington, MA       19:28
  10. Jeff Adams                           Cambridge, MA       22:19
  11. Kevin Christian          SSAC        Dorchester, MA      22:36
  12. Mike Manoogian           SSAC        Somerville, MA      22:52
  13. Matt Tolson                          Dorchester, MA      23:45
  14. Chris Lehr                           Watertown, MA       24:02
  15. Paul Cyr                             Charlestown, MA     24:46
  16. Mike Avery                SFDRT      Somerville, MA      25:57
  The Men (40-49 y.o.)
  1. Mike Bennett               IATC       Cambridge, MA       15:59 
  2. Brian MacQuarrie                      Dorchester, MA      18:24
  Teddy Roosevelt (50 y.o. +)
  1. Brian Poli                 SSAC      Lynn, MA             22:57
  The Rock of Gilbralter (190lbs.+)
  1. Fast Freddie Kirk          SSAC      Woburn, MA           17:49
  2. Larry Driscoll             USACFRF   Newton, MA           20:23
  3. Everett Harman                       Framingham, MA       20:46
  4. Jim Dell'Ano               SSAC      Somerville, MA       20:52
  5. Mark Deaguero                        Weymouth, MA         21:55
  6. R. Woody Woods                       Burlington, MA       22:16
  7. Big Sam Voolich                      Somerville, MA       22:22
  8. Greg "Double G" Grant      SSAC      Dorchester, MA       22:35
  9. John Manoogian             SSAC      Somerville, MA       24:07 
  10. Elvis Bird                SSAC      Somerville, MA       26:35
  11. Barry Hamilton                      Somerville, MA       33:34 
 SFDRT= Somerville Fire Dept. Racing Team
 SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
 IATC= Irish American Track Club
 CSU= Cambridge Sports Union
 USACFRF= USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Federation
 WRC= Woody's Running Club
 MRC= Melrose Running Club
 ESC= Elliot Street Center
 SRR= Somerville Road Runners