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2nd Somerville Fire Fighters 5KM

W. Somerville, MA, December 19, 2002

Overall Results

Hosted by the 
Somerville Striders Athletic Club

He'd be playing the part of Clancy in the movie "The Cincinnati Kid" if they ever filmed the remake..cause he's just not ready to give it up yet..even when he's got two pretty good 30 somethin's hangin' right on his tail in a road race...I'm talkin' about tough as US Steel - 40 somethin Don Berney who hung on to barely beat Rob Schupak and Kara Molloy Haas in the battle of time over the NOT SO mean anymore streets of Somerville tonight...

Tonights race was a benefit for the Somerville Gridiron Club, a non-profit organization that raises money for and promotes Somerville High School Football.The Somerville Fire Department Fire Fighters Union President Jay Colbert was pleased to pass on $255.00 from last night proceeds to this worthy cause.

Loads of color in the house tonight...the results say 51 ran but "The Ranch" held 80+ tonight with a whole slough of folks just poppin' down to to enjoy the Freddie Bollen/Mike Manoogian Quartet BBQ and to wish everyone a Happy Holiday.

Girls Club:
1. Kara Molloy Haas                 Nashua, NH           18:21
2. Kathleen Fidler                  Brighton, MA         22:45
3. Amy Porter            BTT        Cambridge, MA        23:05
4. Nancy Norton          SSAC       Somerville, MA       24:36
5. Sarah Edson           BTT        East Boston, MA      25:47
6. Patricia French       CSNY       Somerville, MA       25:53
7. Sarah Melville                   Burlington, Ont. CA  26:02
8. Sue Driscoll          SSAC       Newton, MA           26:58
9. Kathleen Carr                    Somerville, MA       27:59
10. Rebecca Hurley                  Somerville, MA       28:00
11. Anna Foulds                     Reading, MA          28:01
12. Stephanie Schroot    SRR        Somerville, MA       29:38
13. Marie Gonzalez       SSAC       Boston, MA           30:24
14. Barbara Shipley                 Palm Beach, FLA      30:50
15. Ann Marie Shipley               Medford, MA          30:51
16. Terry Shipley                   Medford, MA          30:52
Boys Club:
1. Don Berney            SRR        Cambridge, MA       18:08
2. Rob Schupak           BTT        Natick, MA          18:12
3. Zeus Estrada          B.A.A.     Athens, Greece      18:24
4. Darko Tomic                      Zagreb, Croatia     18:36
5. Danny Fitz            BTT        Natick, MA          19:10
6. Matt Corcoran         SSAC       Weymouth, MA        19:21
7. Chris Shaffer         USACFRF    Natick, MA          19:34
8. Nico Scibelli         BTT        East Boston, MA     20:08
9. Ken McWilliams        KK         Kilkenny, Eire      20:56
10. Tim Fallon                      Somerville, MA      21:21
11. Drew Buttner                    Plymouth, MA        21:27
12. J.P. Mello                      Arlington, MA       21:57
13. Brendan McWilliams   KK         Kilkenny, Eire      22:06
14. Larry Driscoll       USACFRF    Newton, MA          22:13
15. Dave Catarino                   Medford, MA         22:18
16. Tom Stracqualursi    CRR        Stoughton, MA       22:26
17. Charlie LaRosa                  Revere, MA          23:28
18. NITWIT                                              23:25
19. Matt Healey          SSAC       Somerville, MA      23:58
20. Ron LeBlanc          SSAC       Lynn, MA            24:21
21. John Nott            IATC       Medford, MA         24:48
22. Jim Whittemore       SSAC       Leominster, MA      24:58         
23. Mark Wolfgang                   Watertown, MA       24:49
24. Tommy Gorman                    Somerville, MA      24:52
25. Paul Watson                     Cambridge, MA       26:18
26. Dave Morse                      Cambridge, MA       27:26
27. Allan Foulds                    Reading, MA         27:28
28. Eddy Noonan          WFDRT      Waltham, MA         28:15
29. Eddie Nolan          LSRC       Medford, MA         28:16
30. Mike Avery           SFDRT      Somerville, MA      28:56
31. Mike Manoogian       SSAC       Somerville, MA      28:57
32. John Manoogian       SSAC       Somerville, MA      29:06
33. Andrew Kalogerkis               Jamaica Plain, MA   30:44
34. Todd Horton                     Brookline, MA       30:45
35. Greg Ernst           CCAC       Weymouth, MA        38:47

SFDRT= Somerville Fire Department Racing Team
WFDRT= Waltham Fire Department Racing Team
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
BTT= Boston Triathlon Team
CRR= Colonial Road Runners
USACFRF= USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Federation
CCAC= Cape Cod Athletic Club
SRR= Somerville Road Runners
IATC= Irish American Track Club
CSU= Cambridge Sports Union
B.A.A.= Boston Athletic Association
LSRC= L Street Running Club
KK= Kilkenny Kats