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Newton Hill X-Country 5K Series Race #1

Worcester, MA, August 9, 2002

Results courtesy of the Central Mass Striders.

For an inaugural race, this one went smoothly.

  • Beautiful running weather
  • Volunteers everywhere
  • Plenty of beverages, bananas, t-shirts, etc.

And though a few runners may have encountered some wrong turns, that happens even at the best of races.... Becky Fleming summed it up pretty well: "Where else can you get in a 5K and a long run at the same time?"

- - Barry Smith

PLACE  TIME  NAME                    DIV    CITY            CLUB     

1 12:56 Chris Hopkins M00-19 Worcester St. Peter Marion 2 12:56 Louis Cote M20-39 Worcester Assumption College 3 18:21 Rich Meyer M20-39 Marlboro 4 18:47 Peter Bruce M50-59 Worcester CMS 5 25:57 John Carey M40-49 Worcester CMS 6 25:58 Patrick Digregorio M00-19 Worcester 7 26:00 Sam Levitin M20-39 Worcester CMS 8 26:07 Joe Alfano M20-39 Worcester CMS 9 26:48 Wayne Stepanouskas M20-39 Worcester 10 28:13 Kim Como F00-19 W. Warren CMS 11 35:04 Meg Giarusso F20-39 Worcester CMS 12 35:19 Otto Lies M60-69 Holden CMS 13 35:41 Greg Foss M20-39 Worcester CMS 14 35:50 Rebecca Fleming F20-39 Manchester, CT CMS 15 36:33 Becki Lavoie F00-19 Oxford CMS 16 36:33 Dan Lavoie M40-49 Oxford CMS

Volunteers: Friends of Newton Hill (Worcester); Kevin Fallon (Worcester), Eddie Gallivan (Worcester), Kelley Handy (Worcester), Bill Haskell (Sterling), Joanne Lachapelle (Worcester), Annette + Rich Lemerise (Worcester), Karen Lemerise (Oxford), Jan McNamara (Princeton).

(16f; sunny, pleasant, temps in the low 70s.)