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NMC Summer Series
Fresh Pond 5 Mile

Cambridge, MA, August 3, 2002

Fresh Pond 5 Mile

Diane McLaughten, Joe MacDonald, Dave Duval and Phil Keeley at Fresh Pond
Diane McLaughten, Joe MacDonald, Dave Duval and Phil Keeley at Fresh Pond

The NMC Fresh Pond Saturday morning races and the NMC Summer and Winter Series of races
have been going on for over 30 years.  Diane, Joe, and Phil (in photo above) have been 
responisble for keeping the Fresh Pond event alive since Fred Brown passed away over 
10 years ago.  
Dave Duval has been keeping the NMC summer and winter series alive since Fred's passing. 
We were fortunate enough to get a photo of the four of them together at Fresh Pond.  
On behalf of the North Medford Club, we thank you for all you do.  
We are sure Fred would be proud of you.  
NMC Summer Series Fresh Pond 5.0 Mile Cambridge, MA August 3, 2002 Pl. Name Town Time 1. Harry Berns South Boston 26:58 2. Dan Lounsbury Melrose 27:41 3. Derek Sawyer Somerville 27:45 4. Myles Snow Randolph 27:54 5. Tom Gavin Milton 28:07 6. Keith Haroutunian Holliston 29:22 7. Andy Milne Medford 30:44 NMC 8. Rich Voliva Cambridge 31:54 9. George Kovach Poland 32:20 10. URO 32:33 11. Clarisse Mesa Freemont, CA 32:40 12. URO 32:40 13. Paul DiRuzzo Concord 33:06 14. Julia Ryan Waltham 35:01 15. Ken Landrum Brockton 36:46 16. Deb Willard-Parker Fitchburg 38:10 NMC 17. Len Levin Brookline 38:57 18. Annie Gardner Belmont 39:51 19. Cullene Murphy Brookline 41:01 20. David Duval Fitchburg 41:11 NMC 21. Michael Wolfe Lexington 44:00 22. Sandy Segurdson Palo Alto, CA 45:36 23. Marge Gladwin Westford 49:07 NMC 24. Gustar Bolton Lexington 49:16