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The Matt Corcoran "Wild River Run" 2.6 Miler

W. Somerville, MA, August 15, 2002

Overall Results

Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club It was fast, it was crazy, it was way off the starting time of 7:30 P.M. but it was wild I guess.....and thats what Matt Corcoran promised....two races each going at each other..cheese and crackers for water stops..runners throwing marshmellows at each other...and mile markers every 10th of a can be sure there will be none of this when we get back to home sweet home in September...Somerville's already got one group that's into cheese/crackers and lobbing marshmellows:>)

Hot as hell tonight..but they came out even a small crowd to just run a loop with the race director and then help out with all the wildness..and a few in blue suites who just like to drink the most affordable Harpoon Beer in New England..only two weeks left and then it's back to the homestead in Somerville...the actions been slow in Somerville this summer so it's time the Somerville Striders AC got back to liven things up:>)

See you next week at the Mick Collins "Race For Freedom"..our little tribute to the on-going peace process that hopefully will arrive in Northern Ireland someday..


 Open Women:
 1. Anna Hackett                      Jamaica Plain, MA        19:50
 2. Danielle Kayal                    Brookline, MA            22:15
 3. Andrea Galen                      Watertown, MA            23:16
 4. Jen Smith            SSAC         Watertown, MA            24:47
 5. Annie Searles                     Allston, MA              27:27
 6. Katie Jenkins                     Saugus, MA               38:17 
 Masters Women:
 1. Anita Robboy                      Cambridge, MA            23:28
 2. Deb Devlin                        Chelmsford, MA           28:25        
 Open Men:
 1.  Anders Peterson                  Jamaica Plain, MA        14:45
 2.  Brian Hamill                     Watertown, MA            14:50
 3.  Nate Browand                     Somerville, MA           15:15
 4.  Andy Silvia                      Boston, MA               15:40
 5.  Keith Santarelli                 Cambridge, MA            16:24
 6.  Ken McWilliams       KK          Co. Killkenny, Eire      17:18
 7.  Jim Rhoades          AE          Lowell, MA               17:46
 8.  Jeremy Selwyn                    Cambridge, MA            17:49
 9.  Randall Woods                    Burlington, MA           18:03
 10. Matzi Neuber                     Boston, MA               18:09
 11. Mark Wolfgang                    Watertown, MA            20:36
 12. Paul Watson                      Cambridge, MA            21:52
 13. Mike Patterson                   Hopkinton, MA            22:27
 14. Will Kotchian                    Watertown, MA            23:17
 15. Michael Manoogian   SSAC         Somerville, MA           23:31
 16. Jim Dell'Ano        SSAC         Sudbury, MA              23:32
 17. John Manoogian      SSAC         Somerville, MA           23:33
 18. Lee Monks                        Tewksbury, MA            23:41
 19. Jim McLawn                       Cambridge, MA            28:24             
 Masters Men:
 1. Charlie LaRosa                    Revere, MA               19:47
 2. Dave Morse                        Cambridge, MA            21:29
 3. Mike Hume            SSAC         Amesbury, MA             23:12  
 4. Brian Poli           SSAC         Lynn, MA                 23:46
 5. Jack Curtin          NMC          Cambridge, MA            28:48   
 6. Ron LeBlanc          SSAC         Lynn, MA                 38:18         
 Wild River Run #2
 Open Women:
 1. Marie Kemp           SSAC         Jackson, MS              18:21
 2. Nicole Brighouse     SSAC         Cambridge, MA            19:14
 3. Kerry Drumney                     Brighton, MA             19:56
 4. Laura Hunt           SSAC         Mariahville, Maine       21:10
 5. Karen Lachmayr                    Cambridge,MA             22:23
 6. Sue Driscoll         SSAC         Newton, MA               22:38
 7. Julie Ulbrich                     Brighton, MA             22:58
 8. Maria Gonzales                    Boston, MA               27:19
 9. Rebecca Schricket                 Jamaica Plain, MA        27:20
 Masters Women:
 1. Linda Crusco                      Waltham, MA              27:11 
 Open Men:
 1.  Chris Shaffer         USACFRF    Framingham, MA            17:57
 2.  Gene Gorkoff                     Belfast, Maine            17:58
 3.  Dave Park                        Boston, MA                18:15
 4.  Kevin Christian       SSAC       Dorchester, MA            18:49
 5.  Larry Driscoll        USACFRF    Newton, MA                19:08
 6.  Dave Brighouse        SSAC       New Jersey                19:51
 7.  Jim Brooks                       Hopkinton, MA             20:42
 8.  Jim Whittemore        SSAC       Leominster, MA            20:56
 9.  Eric Larsen                      Lowell, MA                21:59
 10. Jack Stimson                     Brighton, MA              22:57
 10. Matt Tolson                      Dorchester, MA            23:21
 11. Mark Deaguero                    Weymouth, MA              23:55 
 Masters Men:
 1. Jim DuPont             SSAC       Raynham, MA               17:59
 2. Allen Rosenberg                   Hudson, MA                25:00
 3. Dennis Fardy                      Stoneham, MA              27:19  

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