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Khoury's 4.13M

Somerville, MA, September 6, 2001

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Results courtesy of the Somerville Road Runners.

Women's Open

Nancy Doherty Woburn, MA 25:13 Corri Black Glasgow, Scotland 31:05 Stephanie Schroot Somerville, MA 36:06 Aileen Mason Andover, MA 37:16 Debbie Fortuna Everett, MA 39:08 Beatrice Pulliam Somerville, MA 52:03

Men's Open

Alex Filides Everett, MA 25:09 David LaValle Winchester, MA 25:26 Anthony Baldman Medford, MA 26:32 Joe Brown Glasgow, Scotland 27:49 Glenn O'Connor Watertown, MA 28:17 Dave Brno Quincy, MA 29:51 Chris Blake Weymouth, MA 30:08 Rainer Lohmann Somerville, MA 30:20 Barry LaValle Lowell, MA 33:15 Matt Leclere 33:19 Tom Hagerty Somerville, MA 35:02 Paul Beich Somerville, MA 39:07

Men's Masters

Peter Brook South Boston, MA 25:17 Steve Burton Medford, MA 25:20 John Lally Woburn, MA 30:05 John Gorvin Wilmington, MA 30:53 Bob Gamere Brookline, MA 33:00 (60+) Ray Charbonneau Medford, MA 33:24 Steve Pepe Bedford, MA 36:07 John Bechard Somerville, MA 37:55