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CMS 52-Week 5K Series Race #38

Lancaster, MA, September 26, 2001

Results courtesy of the Central Mass Striders.

Before returning to Worcester State College on Saturday mornings beginning October 6th, the CMS 52-Week Series has one remaining race for the year at Orchard Hills Athletic Club in Lancaster - Wednesday, October 3rd. Note: Because of encroaching darkness, the starting time has been changed from the usual 6:30PM to 6:00PM.

    1  17:58 Charlie Salmond             40-49M  Fitchburg, MA     CMS
    2  18:59 Marty Ellowitz              40-49M  Hubbardston, MA   CMS
    3  19:18 Bill Burke                  40-49M  Leominster, MA    CMS
    4  19:25 Jim Daley                   60-69M  New Ipswich, NH   NMC
    5  20:28 Kevin Fallon                20-39M  Worcester, MA     CMS
    6  20:29 Bill Sicard                 40-49M  W. Fitchburg, MA  CMS
    7  20:44 Mike Brodeur                40-49M  Leominster, MA    CMS
    8  20:59 Jim Shope Jr                40-49M  Leominster, MA    CMS
    9  21:06 Mike McMurray               40-49M  Fitchburg, MA     NMC
   10  21:25 Ernest Landry               40-49M  Leominster, MA     
   11  21:42 Glenn Richards              50-59M  W. Boylston, MA   CMS
   12  21:53 Mark Daley                  40-49M  New Ipswich, NH   
   13  22:03 Darlene Murray              40-49F  Sterling, MA      CMS/NMC
   14  22:28 Paul Godin                  50-59M  Fitchburg, MA     CMS
   15  22:30 Aldo Bianco                 50-59M  Leominster, MA    CMS
   16  23:02 Tom Sicard                  40-49M  W. Fitchburg, MA  CMS
   17  23:31 Bill Haskell                50-59M  Sterling, MA      CMS
   18  25:18 David King                  50-59M  Worcester, MA     CMS/OHAC
   19  25:19 Mike Thornton               20-39M  Harvard, MA       OHAC
   20  25:32 Eddie Gallivan              60-69M  Worcester, MA     CMS
   21  26:35 Lisa Guenard                20-39F  Leominster, MA    OHAC
   22  28:08 Bonnie Adams                20-39F  Townsend, MA      CMS 
   23  28:09 Katie Severns               20-39F  Lunenburg, MA     CMS
   24  30:38 Angela Vallee               20-39F  Leominster, MA    CMS
   25  30:38 Doug Wilcox                 40-49M  Gardner, MA       
   26  30:48 Sarah Fullen                40-49F  Leominster, MA    CMS
   27  31:39 Jim DeZutter                60-69M  Harvard, MA       CMS
   28  32:20 Cheryl Shaw                 40-49F  Lunenburg, MA     CMS

Volunteers: Sarah Fullen (Leominster), Bob Girouard (Fitchburg), Jan McNamara (Princeton), Jim Shope Sr (Shirley), Judy Sikorski (Sterling), Joe Alfano (Worcester).

(28f; sunny and clear, high 60s with a little breeze, lovely!)