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VFW Logan Post "Ragu Express" 5.1Km

W. Somerville, MA, October 11, 2001

Overall Results

Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

  The Smartmouth stock may have tumbled well below the Mendoza line however 
the all women Smartmouth Running Club remains strong and one of the biggest 
supporters of our quirky little race on Thursday Nights in Somerville, 

Duxbury native, and last minute entrant Jennifer Lister just might have won tonights race if she had been able to dodge some of that highway traffic enroute to the race like she did picking off runners like they were skeet at a Sunday morning shoot....the women are coming on strong and it won't be long before they put a continual whuppin' on many of the guys..on Thursday Night in Somerville, Massachusetts....

  Women's Open:
  1. Jennifer Lister                           Duxbury, MA            21:14
  2. Michelle McAndrews           SSAC         Somerville, MA         23:52
  3. Karen Rice                   SMRC         Newton, MA             25:37
  4. Allison Poulos               SMRC         Somerville, MA         25:38
  5. Patricia French              CSU          Somerville, MA         25:51
  6. Denise Bruno                              Medford, MA            27:25
  7. Sue Driscoll                 SSAC         Watertown, MA          27:54
  8. Joanna Alikonis                           Somerville, MA         28:04
  9. Kerri Keane                  MRC          Medford, MA            28:25
  10. Stephanie Schroot           SRR          Somerville, MA         28:33
  11. Debbie Brendenmuehl         SMRC         Arlington, MA          28:39
  12. Andrea Johnston                          Somerville, MA         32:00
  13. Sara Faccidomo              SSAC         Somerville, MA         32:59
  Men's Open:
  1. Billy Cunningham                          Somerville, MA         20:29
  2. Ryan Richards                             Falmouth, MA           22:32
  3. Kevin Christian              SSAC         Dorchester, MA         22:53
  4. John Zakrzewski                           Weymouth, MA           24:17
  5. Mike Manoogian               SSAC         Somerville, MA         24:37
  6. Jack Cunningham                           Somerville, MA         25:39
  7. Greg Richards                             Weymouth, MA           25:46
  8. Mark Wolfgang                             Watertown, MA          26:04
  9. Paul Watson                               Cambridge, MA          26:16
  10. Paul Shannon                             Stoneham, MA           26:29
  11. Mark Deguero                             Weymouth, MA           28:08
  Men's Masters:
  1. Frankie Keane                IATC        Charlestown, MA         22:04
  2. John Grant                   SRC         Medford, MA             23:38
  3. Brian "Big Daddy" Poli       SSAC        Lynn, MA                31:59
  4. Jack Curtin                  IATC        Cambridge, MA           32:14
  1. Matt Corcoran                SSAC        Weymouth, MA            20:30
  2. Larry Driscoll               USACFRF     Watertown, MA           23:03
  3. Freddie Kirk                 SSAC        Peabody, MA             23:30
  4. Ryan Hanna                               Watertown, MA           26:09
  5. Elvis Bird                   SSAC        Somerville, MA          28:22
  6. Mike Hume                    SSAC        Amesbury, MA            32:00
  7. Eric Fish                    USACFRF     Hinsdale, MA            33:00
  SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
  SRC= Somerville Running Club   (oldest running club in Somerville)
  USACFRF= USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Federation
  IATC= Irish American Track Club
  CSU= Cambridge Sports Union
  MRC= Melrose Running Club
  SMRC= Smart Mouth Running Club
  SRR= Somerville Road Runners