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VFW Logan Post 5.1K

Somerville, MA, November 29, 2001

Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

GOBBLE, GOBBLE, GOBBLE..OOOOPS that was last week..well if you build it they will come and they came..through drizzle, drips and drops tonight...and the dynamic duo..they call em' that in Foxboro..we call em' Christine and Dan..won the men's and women's side of the dice..tonight in West Somerville..where the Somerville bond is real, the bar tips are bigger..and the only thing we do at the track is bet the longshot to WIN..

Christine Harney and Dan McCarthy of Foxboro..rode in to town tonight..six months absent from their last journey to Somerville and they went home with the big prize tonight..1st place...

   1. Dan McCarthy              Foxboro, MA               19:53
   2. David Lopez               Cambridge, MA             22:39
   3. George Hill               Somerville, MA            22:40
   4. Michael Manoogian  SSAC   Somerville, MA            23:35
   5. Chris O'Brien             Hyde Park, MA             26:16
   6. Paul Watson               Cambridge, MA             26:18
   7. Mark Wolfgang             Watertown, MA             26:34
   8. Ryan Hanna                Watertown, MA             30:26
   9. Tom Norton         SSAC   Acton, MA                 30:34
   10. Mark Deaguero            Weymouth, MA              31:46

Men's Senior Masters:

1. Freddie Bollen SSAC Swampscott, MA 24:25 2. Brian Poli SSAC Lynn, MA 28:19 3. Paul Hennessey LAC Lynn, MA 31:18 4. Jack Curtin IATC Cambridge, MA 32:17


1. Matt Healey SSAC Somerville, MA 23:30 2. Dave Morse Cambridge, MA 23:13 3. Eric Fish USACFRF Hinsdale, MA 27:39 4. Freddie T. Kirk SSAC Woburn, MA 29:01 5. Andy Canavan Belmont, MA 34:41

Ladies of the Night:

1. Christine Harney Foxboro, MA 23:06 2. Kara Martin SSAC Watchung, NJ 25:05 3. Kathy Boudreau IATC Medford, MA 26:15 4. Stephanie Schroot SRR Hamilton, MA 26:57 5. Michelle McAndrewsSSAC Nashua, NH 27:24 6. Isabella de Jong Somerville, MA 27:56 7. Kerri Keane MRC Medford, MA 28:58 8. Patricia French CSU Somerville, MA 30:15 9. Jen Carr SMRC Concord, MA 30:27 10. Nancy Norton SSAC Acton, MA 30:31 11. Liza Genovese LAC Nahant, MA 31:00 12. Lori Ray LAC Melrose, MA 31:19 13. Debbie Brendenmuehl Arlington, MA 31:47 14. Andrea Johnston Somerville, MA 33:36 15. Charlene Neal Somerville, MA 34:18

SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club IATC= Irish American Track Club LAC= Lynn Athletic Club MRC= Melrose Running Club CSU= Cambridge Sports Union USACFRF= USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Federation SMRC= Smartmouth Running Club