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Khoury's 4.13M

Somerville, MA, May 31, 2001

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Results courtesy of the Somerville Road Runners.

Oh Carol! Another evening lost and won at Khoury's. The rats are getting
itchy for the Steamer to roll in. 

The ITB Band is tuning up. Robin, Jim and Jim are drinking up.... have YOU signed up yet?

Don't miss the chance of a life time (well at least a year) to run Khoury's without stopping for pesky traffic lights. No excuses! Your PR awaits you.
CLICK HERE to view photos by Jim Rhoades

Women's Open

Caroline Dobbyn Brookline, MA 29:34 Carol Lahiff Cambridge, MA 29:35 Corri Black Somerville, MA 30:45 Aileen Mason Ramsey, NJ 31:16 Kim Abrams Somerville, MA 35:35 Stephanie Schroot Somerville, MA 36:21 Hilary Gibson Somerville, MA 37:26 PR! Kristin Roberto Somerville, MA 43:01 Eileen Pupa Somerville, MA 43:01 Susan Glass Somerville, MA 46:09 Beatrice Pulliam Somerville, MA 47:54 PR!!

Women's Masters

Louise Rossetti Saugus, MA 51:35

Men's Open

Jim Quadros Lowell, MA 23:59 Chris Kirste Lowell, MA 24:23 Bob Ross Brookline, MA 25:27 Anthony Baldman Somerville, MA 26:27 Joe Brown Somerville, MA 27:23 Chris Valcourt Somerville, MA 27:25 Peter Terhune Cambridge, MA 28:38 Chip Henderson Medford, MA 28:48 Andrew Gamere Brookline, MA 28:58 Jim Rhoades Lowell, MA 30:10 Chris Blake Weymouth, MA 30:31 Dave Brno Quincy, MA 31:17 Tom Ruyle Somerville, MA 32:40 Jim Sweeney Boston, MA 34:30 Ian Green Brighton, MA 37:18 Ed Rogers Belmont, MA 37:31 PR! Patrick Green Manchester, NH 43:01 - Happy Birthday!

Men's Masters

Peter Brook South Boston, MA 25:53 John Lee Beverly, MA 26:06 Noel Robinson Boston, MA 28:11 John Lally Woburn, MA 28:37 John Gorvin Wilmington, MA 29:42 Steve Burton Medford, MA 31:44 Bob Gamere Brookline, MA 31:59 Steve "007" Pepe Bedford, MA 36:21 Tom Komarek Winthrop, MA 41:03 John Robertson Lynn, MA 61:32 Tom Supple Lynnfield, MA 61:32