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Khoury's 4.13M

Somerville, MA, June 7, 2001

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Results courtesy of the Somerville Road Runners.


MELROSE - In a shocking development earlier today, it was announced that Somerville Road Runners' member, vice president, and all-around crank Jim "Sully" Sullivan is planning to retire from the Mens' Open road racing division. Unnamed sources close to Sullivan say that in all likelihood, tonight's 4.13-mile Khoury's will be his last race in this category. It was not revealed whether Sullivan, known for his finishing kick, incredibly negative attitude, and unfortunate attempt at a Tejano recording career will be retiring from the sport or simply moving into another racing division. Sullivan declined to comment, as he was "busy doing whatever it is that he does all day," according to sources.

Women's Open

Sunessa Schettler Somerville, MA 36:48

Women's Masters

Joan Lally Woburn, MA 33:00 Kathy Pepe Bedford, MA 47:08 Louise Rossetti Saugus, MA 51:17

Men's Open

Jim "Sully" Sullivan Melrose, MA 24:40 Daniel Smith Somerville, MA 27:53 Ray Charbonneau Medford, MA 28:49 Chris Blake Weymouth, MA 29:30 Devon Bremner Somerville, MA 30:20 Chip Henderson Medford, MA 30:44 Tyrone Tse Brighton, MA 32:26 Peter Milt Somerville, MA 34:04 Dave Brno Quincy, MA 36:49 Kirk Buggy Somerville, MA 36:53 Ken Peluso Everett, MA 38:38

Men's Masters

Mark Hemenway Melrose, MA 28:00 Noel Robinson Boston, MA 28:06 Peter Brook South Boston, MA 29:31 Dave Roberts Belmont, MA 29:42 Steve Burton Medford, MA 29:49 John Lally Woburn, MA 32:34 Steve Pepe Bedford, MA 45:40