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Charles River Ramble "Joints in Motion Juke Joint Jaunt"

Cambridge, MA, June 28, 2001

Overall Results

Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

The Great Garcia needed just a little competition tonight and the Charles River Ramble 2.6 miler course record might have been his....lots of new and old faces dotted the field of 49 runners, walkers, hot dog vendors and 2004 Al Gore supporters!!!

The Folks from the "Joints in Motion" Marathon Program came on down to entice a few Guinness drinkers to put their pints down and to get in shape for the fall 2001 Dublin Dublin, Eire not to be confused with Dublin, Ohio...could be a few takers if the "Joints in Motion" folks continue the sales pitch....Papa Clyde was talked into going to Dublin, Eire in the fall but not for the marathon but by a lass from the Druid:>)....see ya next week at the Charles River Ramble "MIX 98.5 Ice Cream Run"....

 Men's Masters:
 1. Jim Garcia          CMS     Westford, MA            13:30
 2. Bill Turner         SRC     Framingham, MA          16:30
 3. Jim Dupont          SSAC    Raynham, MA             16:46
 4. Fikre Yifrud        ERC     Addisababa, Ethiopia    19:55
 5. Jack Conlin                 Arlington, MA           22:32
 6. Brian Poli          SSAC    Lynn, MA                23:37
 7. Jack Curtin         NMC     Cambridge, MA           26:18
 Men's Open:
 1. Kurt Perham                 Cambridge, MA           15:35
 2. Cat with White Shirt        Woodstock, NY           16:47
 3. Bill Lawton                 Provincetown, MA        17:00
 4. Kurt Birdenough             Allston, MA             17:21
 5. Jaime Auciello      BBRR    Cambridge, MA           17:25
 6. Matt Olds                   Allston, MA             17:57
 7. Kevin Finney                Brookline, MA           18:18
 8. John Quatrale               Poughkeepsie, NY        18:50
 9. Chuck Johnson               Newton, MA              19:08
 10.Amilicar Giraldo            Newton, MA              19:50
 11.Jame Churchman              Corning, NY             20:37
 12.Jim Conlin                  Arlington, MA           20:47
 13.Mark Wolfgang               Watertown, MA           21:08
 14.Paul Watson                 Cambridge, MA           21:52
 15.Lee Todd                    Watertown, MA           22:11
 16.Mike Lavelle                Inishbuffin, Eire       22:26
 17.Shane Winsor                Watertown, MA           23:33
 18.David Borenstein            Newton, MA              25:35
 The Really Big Boys:
 1. Chris Schaffer               Framingham, MA          16:48
 2. Russ Monks                   Chelmsford, MA          19:00
 3. Robert Lenkauskas            Cambridge, MA           19:30
 The Ladies Open:
 1. Jen Lenkauskas                Pawtucket, RI           19:45
 2. Erin Kimball                  Dover-Foxcroft, ME      19:57
 3. Erin Vintinner                Holliston, MA           20:00
 4. Jennifer Leahy                Boston, MA              20:46
 5. Diane Meuser                  Boston, MA              21:53
 6. Karen Rice                    Watertown, MA           21:16
 7. Christina Normand             Watertown, MA           21:20
 8. Mary Casey                    Lowell, MA              21:38
 9. Jen Smith           SMRC      Houston, Texas          22:12
 10.Sara Zelle                    New York, NY            23:20
 11.Patricia French     CSU       Somerville, MA          23:40
 12.Allison Poulos      SMRC      Somerville, MA          25:02
 13.Finley Poulos       SMRC      Somervile, MA           25:03
 14.Andrea Johnston               Somerville, MA          26:46
 15.Mary Martin                   Warwick, RI             28:09
 16.Wendy Bishbum                 Spokane, WA             28:29
 17.Siobahn Walsh                 Milton, MA              28:35
 18.Christina Allain              Waltham, MA             32:16
 The Ladies Masters:
 1. Mary Vintinner                Newton, MA              20:20
 The Walkers who enjoyed the Charles River the most:
 1. Jeff Borenstein               Newton, MA              39:50
 2. Lilly Pelzman                 Newton, MA              39:51
 SRC= Stellar Running Club
 SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
 NMC= North Medford Club
 CSU= Cambridge Sports Union
 SMRC= Smart Mouth Running Club
 CMS= Central Mass Striders
 BBRR= Back Bay Road Runners
 ERC= Ethipoian Running Club