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Khoury's 4.13M

Somerville, MA, June 21, 2001

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Results courtesy of the Somerville Road Runners.


Seems like most of the runners mistakenly went to some big hoo-ha across the river somewhere... some were seen running, many were seen trapped in tents with thousands of bagged t-shirts. Of course the place to be was Khoury's where Ray Charbonneau joined the elite Master's ranks.

Women's Open

Jamie Michalak Somerville, MA 31:47 Janet Flynn Cambridge, MA 36:05

Women's Masters

Louise Rossetti Saugus, MA 54:57

Men's Open

Kevin Trombly, Jr. Brighton, MA 26:06 Daniel Smith Somerville, MA 26:56 Rainer Lohmann Somerville, MA 31:32

Men's Masters

John Goodwin Andover, MA 24:54 John Lee Beverly, MA 26:01 John Gorvin Wilmington, MA 28:13 Peter Brook South Boston, MA 28:15 Ray Charbonneau Medford, MA 32:06