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Khoury's 4.13M

Somerville, MA, July 5, 2001

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Results courtesy of the Somerville Road Runners.

Our Town

You will like the folks you meet - in our town
The folks you meet on any street - in our town

Pick out any cottage - white or brown
They're all so appealing - with that lived in feeling

You will like the shady lanes - in our town
The music of the passing trains - in our town

You will lose your heart - I promise you
In this - our two-by-four town
Welcome - on the door town
If you'll - make it your town too

Patrick Glen            Brookline, MA     25:42 open
Sam Eid                 Cambridge, MA     25:17 (40+)
Bob Fee                 Chelsea, MA       52:48 (60+)
Steve Burton            Medford, MA       28:17 (40+)
Ray Charbonneau         Medford, MA       29:21 (40+)
Dave Brno               Quincy, MA        28:25 open
Louise Rossetti         Saugus, MA        52:47 (80+)
Susan Glass             Somerville, MA    40:21 open - PR!!
Rainer Lohmann          Somerville, MA    28:18 open
John DiModica           Somerville, MA    28:43 open
Bill DeCoteau           Somerville, MA    33:16 open
Peter Brook             South Boston, MA  27:59 (40+)
Chris Blake             Weymouth, MA      29:49 open
John Gorvin             Wilmington, MA    32:05 (40+)
Tom Komarek             Winthrop, MA      42:43 (60+)
Kerrin Lally            Woburn, MA        49:05 open
Joan Lally              Woburn, MA        45:44 (40+)
John Lally              Woburn, MA        32:05 (40+)