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Charles River Ramble "MIX 98.5 Ice Cream Run"

Cambridge, MA, July 5, 2001

Overall Results

  Our in-house stud, Kurt Perham has had two ringers come into town to take 
him on...last week it was the Great Garcia and this week it was Carlo 
Zambonelli of Reggio Emilia, Italia  who trains on the same hills that the 
great Italian runner...Orlando Pizzolato did winning the New York Marathon in 
1984 & 1985....he has hung on both times week..Papa Clyde 
has Tesfaye Bekele of Addisabba, Ethiopia and many marathon wins coming Kurt up to the task??????  NEW COURSE RECORD THIS COMING THURSDAY

All the Somervillian runners were either at President Bush's birthday bash in Maine or on the Charles with us this Thursday....nice to see them making the short commute...join us next week at the Charles River Ramble

  Women Open:
  1.    Monica Casali               Reggio Emilia, Italia       17:08
  2.    Melissa Wheelock            Somerville, MA              18:50
  3.    Leslie Ballantyre           Somervile, MA               19:17
  4.    Meredith Haff       SRR     Somerville, MA              19:40
  5.    Michelle McAndrews          Somerville, MA              19:58
  6.    Margie Lobaton              West Newton, MA             20:27
  7.    Jen Lenkauskas              Pawtucket, RI               20:32
  8.    Sara Zelle                  Cambridge, MA               21:37
  9.    Patricia French CSU         Somerville, MA              21:57
  10.   Sue Driscoll    SSAC        Watertown, MA               21:59
  11.   Julie Perkins               League City, Texas          22:43
  12.   Sara Faccidomo              Somerville, MA              23:00
  13.   Finley Poulos               Somerville, MA              25:56
  14.   Jen Smith                   Somerville, MA              25:57
  15.   Andrea Johnston             Somerville, MA              27:48
  16.   Rachael Conlin              Arlington, MA               31:10               
  Women's Masters
  1.    Sherry Gordon   SSAC        Lancaster, PA               21:47
  2.    Tricia O'Neill  SSAC        Dublin, Eire                21:56
  Men's Open:
  1.    Carlo Zambonelli            Reggio Emilia, Italia       14:07
  2.    Kurt Perham                 Boulder, Colorado           14:54
  3.    Mohammad Nasser             Addisabba, Ethiopa          15:23
  4.    Sanjay Ram      CRC         Belmont, MA                 16:28
  5.    Mike Campisano              Allston, MA                 17:10
  6.    Jim Weemhoff    SSAC        Somerville, MA              17:50
  7.    Dave Bigge                  Cambridge, MA               17:53
  8.    Michael Manoogian   SSAC    Somerville, MA              19:21
  9.    Jim Conlin                  Arlington, MA               19:57
  10.   Chuck Johnson               Somerville, MA              20:26
  11.   Jim Churchman               Corning, New York           21:10
  12.   Paul Watson                 Somerville, MA              21:24
  13.   Mike Petrocelli             Arlington, MA               21:58
  Folks Over 40:
  1.    Brian Gretta                Auburn, Maine               18:27
  2.    Jack Conlin                 Arlington, MA               21:54
  Folks Way Over 40:
  1.    Brian Poli       SSAC       Lynn, MA                    2:36
  2.    Jack Curtin      NMC        Cambridge, MA               26:02
  3.    Jeff Borenstein             Newton, MA                  28:30
  The Really Huge Cats:
  1.    Larry Driscoll  USACFRF    Watertown, MA               18:14
  2.    Rob Lenkauskas             Cambridge, MA               19:06
  3.    Eric Fish       USACFRF    Somerville, MA              19:45
  4.    Freddie Kirk        SSAC   Peabody, MA                 22:12
  SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
  NMC= North Medford Club
  CSU= Cambridge Sports Union
  USACFRF= USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Federation
  CRC= Cambridge Running Club
  SRR= Somerville Road Runners