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Boston High Performance Series/New Balance CanAm Elite #2

Byfield, MA, July 3, 2001

Boston High Performance Series/New Balance CanAm Elite Meet #2

by athletes, for athletes

Results and pictures from the meet

The world on her shoulder...

The world on her shoulder...

New Balance CanAm Elite #2 Elite Events starting at 7:00 PM
no open events at this meet 800m, 3000m, 1500m


800m Women

Heat 1 - 7:00 PM
Rabbit: Caitlin Murphy

Stephanie Best closing on Nicole Teter, who opened in 57.

Nicole Teter Reebok Aggies 2:04.13
Stephanie Best unattached 2:04.26
Jill Snyder adidas 2:06.07
Janet Trujillo Nike 2:06.41
Ikuko Tamura Globally 2:07.70
Rebecca Donaghue Reebok Boston 2:07.71
Hope Sanders Indiana Invaders 2:07.87

Heat 2 - 7:05 PM

Blake Russel showed her versatility, dropping down to win the second section of the 800m.
Blake Russell New Balance 2:08.0H
Lauren King University of Toronto Track Club 2:09.2H
Vicky Fleschner unattached 2:09.5H
Samantha Read Nike Farm Team 2:09.8H
Sarah Hann GLRR 2:10.2H
Maura Schneider Cambridge Running Club 2:13.8H
Maureen Ferris adidas DNF
Christine Gentile NYAC DNS

800m Men

Heat 1 - 7:15 PM
Rabbit: Joe Moody

Lubert Lewis had to go four lanes wide to win a stacked heat of the men's 800m.
Lubert Lewis Syracuse Chargers 1:48.26
Eric Nedeau New Balance 1:48.85
Charlie Gruber Team USA 1:48.91
Kevin Elliot Team USA 1:49.14
Mahmmoud Al Kherat SMTC 1:49.24
Bryce Knight Team USA 1:49.33
Clay Schwabe Team USA 1:49.53
Gbolahan Fatuga Reebok Boston 1:50.46
Hamish Thorpe Providence College 1:51.13
Jean Destine SMTC DNS

Heat 2 - 7:20 PM

Ryan Hall looked trapped in a dense field for the first 600m before breaking free around the final turn.
Ryan Hall Team USA 1:51.07
Joe Ciollo Reebok Boston 1:51.89
Ryan Chaney Reebok 1:52.27
Jamey Harris Reebok Aggies 1:52.71
Aaron Brinsko GBTC 1:54.36
Christopher Simpson GBTC 1:54.70
Jeff Paterno Reebok Boston 1:55.46
Kip Sigsworth MTLO (Club Montreal-Olympique) DNS

3000m Women - 7:30 PM
Rabbit: TBA

Kristin Chisum led throughout the 3k with Kumi Tanabe on her shoulder to the finish.
Kristin Chisum Reebok Boston 9:17.13
Kumi Tanabe Daihatse 9:18.80
Priscilla Hein Nike Indiana Invaders 9:32.57
Samantha Bates* NYAC DNS

3000m Men - 7:45 PM
Rabbit: TBA

Michitane Noda and Terukazu Ohmori led a great group of visitors from Japan in the men's 3000m.
Michitane Noda Honda 8:09.02
Terukazu Ohmori Kuroshio Tsuushin 8:09.88
Shoji Yanagidani NEC 8:11.74
Jack Dwyer Reebok Boston 8:13.97
Yoji Yamaguchi NEC 8:15.02
Toshikazu Goda Sanyo 8:17.26
Daisuke Kojima Honda 8:20.35
Dan Johnson BAA 8:29.25
Nephi Tyler Days Sports 8:36.74
Mike Richardson BAA 8:39.19
Torin Koos Team Whitney 8:41.77
Colby Frazier Team Adirondack 8:42.63
Peter Flynn Willow St. AC 8:59.84
Bob Dickie US Air Force Track Team DNS


1500m Women

Heat 1 - 8:00 PM
Rabbit: Caitlin Murphy & Rebecca Donaghue

Rabbited by Caitlin Murphy for the first lap and Rebecca Donaghue for the second, Nicole Jefferson built a big lead on the field to win in 4:16.67. Jen Toomey closed quickly in the final straight for second. Blake Russell bounced back from her 800m with enough to take third.

Nicole Jefferson Nike International 4:16.67
Jen Toomey Reebok Boston 4:17.05
Blake Russell New Balance 4:18.71
Yukiko Fujihara Globally 4:18.82
Sarah Dupre BAA 4:20.05
Akiko Kawashima Tokai Bank 4:20.82
Yuko Manabe Shikoku Electric Power 4:21.29
Shannon Grady Fila Discovery USA 4:24.99
Kristin Harper FILA Track West 4:25.54
Rebecca Moore* Oregon StateTrack & Field Club 4:27.15
Janelle Kraus Asics 4:28.68
Christie Engesser Cesar unattached 4:29.39
Teresa Duck Tri-City Track Club 4:30.38
Orla O Mahoney Ireland 4:33.60
Annemarie Van Parys Brown University 4:35.25
Vanessa Mazandi unattached 4:42.70
Petra Staskova Mizuno DNS
Samantha Bates* NYAC DNS
Karine Lefebvre Rouge et Or DNS
Jackie Concaugh Saucony/Powerbar DNS

1500m Men
Rabbit: Gbolahan Fatuga

Heat 1 - 8:20 PM

The best grimmace wins the the first section of the men's 1500m. Less than a half a second separated the top four.
Brian Baker New Balance 3:44.91
Kenta Oshima Kuroshio Tsuushin 3:45.14
Jeremy Deere Calgary Spartans 3:45.14
Sandu Rebenciuc Army WCAP 3:45.40
Alex Hutchinson University of Toronto Track Club 3:45.83
Raymond Weeden KI-SHY 3:46.16
Andy Tate U. of Kansas/USA Development 3:48.16
Moses Joseph Team USA 3:48.70
Mike Maceiko Reebok Boston 3:50.49
Paul Ndachi unattached 3:53.24
David Cisewski unattached 3:53.50
Rich Tremain Nike Canada DNS
Peter Sherry NYAC DNS

Heat 2 - 8:30 PM
Rabbit: Joe Ciollo

Macaulay's kick stretched out a dense field in the last 200m.
Drew Macaulay Windsor Legion 3:50.06
Masatoshi Oike Otsuka Pharmaceutical 3:50.72
Nick Conway Willow St. AC 3:50.90
Tsuyoshi Nakano Sagawa Kyuubin 3:51.22
Shane Bilodeau Kajaks Track Club 3:52.59
Shinichi Watanabe Sanyo 3:52.65
Gus Harper FILA Track West 3:52.82
Dan McGinn unattached 3:53.61
David Liebowitz Ric Rojas Running/RLX 3:54.99
Jim Wardle Speed River Track Club 4:00.23
Artie Gilkes Reebok Boston 4:02.99
Bruce G. Perlow Ric Rojas Running/RLX Polo 4:17.98
Chris Bakal University of Toronto Track Club DNF

At the "end of the series" party, Kathy Nary presents New Balance coach John Evans and Reebok Boston coach Bob Sevene with a cake that would shortly be devoured by a crowd of hungry athletes.

Again, thanks to all who helped make these meets such a success!