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Khoury's 4.13M

Somerville, MA, July 26, 2001

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Results courtesy of the Somerville Road Runners.

In memory of Aurelio Polci

I was fortunate enough to know Ralio for about four years. He was a Big Man. He was so big that I remember the first day I met him I was afraid he was going to fall on me. With Ralio is wasn't only his physical size that made him a Big Man. It was his aura, his energy and just his presence that made him "Immense."

To many of us gathered here tonight he was friend, a father, a husband and a runner. He went for his last run on January 16th, 1999. He took his last couple strides on the Boston Marathon course while training on the famous Com Ave. hills in Newton.

Tonight in East Somerville we run, eat and drink in honor of his memory and we still feel his presence.
— Glenn O'Connor

Race Photos by Dave Sullivan

Women's Open

Claire Ryan Somerville, MA 25:23 - PR! Julia Ryan Waltham, MA 29:18 Carol Lahiff Cambridge, MA 29:53 Aileen Mason Ramsey, NJ 30:48 Corri Black Glasgow, Scotland 32:04 Alyssa Khederian Somerville, MA 32:24 Kim O'Connor Watertown, MA 34:33 Emer O'Donogue Lexington, MA 35:01 Emily Lamb Boston, MA 35:07 Rachel Evans Somerville, MA 36:50 Stephanie Schroot Somerville, MA 36:57 Susan Glass Somerville, MA 42:41

Women's Masters

Diane L. Tarr Newtonville, MA 39:45 (50+) Louise Rossetti Saugus, MA 53:24 (80+) Jasmine Heghinian Boston, MA 54:00

Men's Open

Kevin Hynes Medford, MA 23:54 Joe Brown Glasgow, Scotland 25:24 Daniel Smith Somerville, MA 25:44 - PR! Glenn O'Connor Watertown, MA 27:20 Dave Brno Quincy, MA 28:03 (chip time) Chris Blake Weymouth, MA 28:11 - PR! Reigo Lehta Framingham, MA 29:38 Joe Devlin Brighton, MA 29:42 Jim Rhoades Lowell, MA 30:02 John O'Donnell Brighton, MA 30:52 Peter Milt Somerville, MA 31:10 Mike Manoogian Watertown, MA 36:56 Ken Peluso Everett, MA 40:15 Rainer Lohmann Somerville, MA 28:54 Devon Bremner Somerville, MA 30:20

Men's Masters

Jamie Sarkasian Waltham, MA 24:09 Sam Eid Cambridge, MA 24:16 Charlie Kelley Woburn, MA 27:55 John Lally Woburn, MA 30:02 (chip time) Dave Roberts Belmont, MA 30:05 John Gorvin Wilmington, MA 30:06 Steve Vaitones Waltham, MA 30:19 Mickey Lackey Raleigh, NC 30:28 (50+) Steve Burton Medford, MA 31:40 Don Malloy Cambridge, MA 31:40 (50+) Tom Micka Newtonville, MA 33:20 (50+) Vito Gaff Somerville, MA 34:13 (60+) Buddy Hubert Melrose, MA 34;50 (50+) Joe Martinello Malden, MA 35:53 (50+) John Bechard Somerville, MA 36:05 Mike Warren Waltham, MA 36:43 Liam Brady Danvers, MA 36:57 Chuck Powers Lunenburg, MA 42:03 (50+) David Huang Cambridge, MA 42:41 (50+)

Time unknown, but not fogotten Bob Fee Chelsea, MA (60+) Dave MacLean Lowell, MA (40+) Steve Pepe Bedford, MA (40+)