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Khoury's 4.13 mile

Somerville, MA, January 4, 2001

Welcome to the members of the Charles River Rugby Club, especially Khoury's newbies Dan Vescovic, Pat McEvoy, Bill Trant, Maurice Kauff, Scott Benway, and Kathy Pepe. Thanks for coming out to Khoury's!

Wait a minute. Kathy Pepe plays rugby? OK, so she's not really a newbie either. She's cute, and you can't argue with that. So there.

Also, congratulations to Alex Filides for running a PR!!!

Women (M = masters)

(M) Nancy Given 29:10 Jill "Goin' Places" Hibyan 30:28 (M) Annabelle "Be Fair to Singles" Ship 41:19 Janet Montgomery 48:27 (M) Kathy Pepe 48:29

Men's Masters

Sam "A Youngster Finally Beat Me" Eid 24:28 Peter Brook 26:45 Steve "No Fries for Me; OK, maybe one" Burton 26:47 Jorge Espada 28:59 John Lally 29:01 John Gorvin 29:51 Jaime Sarkesian 31:11 Steve Pepe 48:29 John Robertson 59:52

Men's Open

Alex Filides 23:22 Dave Brno 26:42 Ray "Mr Consistency" Charbonneau 29:07 Joe Devlin 29:44 Markus Gay 30:35 Peter Terhune 31:12 Dan Veskovic 33:19 Pat McEvoy 33:25 John O'Donnell 33:26 Bill Trant 34:00 Dave Bingham 39:52 Matt Hoffenberg 41:19 Maurice Kauff 41:29 Scott Benway 41:29