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Khoury's Weekly 4.13 Mile Run

E. Somerville, MA, January 25, 2001

Well, it was a late night (or early morning) for some of us at Khoury's this week.

Apologies to Joan Lally who was left out of the newspaper results last week. 100 lashes with a wet noodle to the person who wrote up the results.

Speculation is that Kevin Hynes did not run the Khoury's course; I didn't see him at the start, did you? Alex Filides is giving back a little N-R-G to the older guys.


Carol Lahiff 29:56 Joan Lally 30:22 Megan Andersen 32:52 Amy Speckert 33:32 Aileen Mason 35:15 Stephanie Schroot 36:21 Annabelle Ship 43:29 Kathy Pepe 52:06 Beatrice Pulliam 52:06


Kevin Hynes 23:28 Alex Filides 23:29 Sam Eid 24:38 Peter Brook 27:22 Steve Pepe 27:36 Jorge Espada 27:36 Paul Hennessey 27:56 Sal Genovese 27:57 Anthony Baldman 28:11 John Lally 28:17 Charles Kelly 28:17 Jamie Sarkesian 29:10 Mark Hemenway 29:12 Markus Gay 30:32 Dan Veskovic 30:36 John Gorvin 30:37 Jeff Mader 30:46 Stephen Ingemi 30:56 Charlie Free 31:19 Reigo Lehtla 31:20 Chris Blake 31:44 Steve Burton 31:53 Bob Gamere 33:05 Dave Brno 33:26 Tom Ruyle 33:56 Buddy Hubert 37:41

Mmmmmm, steak tips....