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Khoury's New Year's Day Run

Somerville, MA, January 1, 2001

The first Khoury's New Year's Day Run was held at noonish on New Year's Day. Noonish on New Year's Day is always a good time to run. Hopefully the painkillers--be it aspirin, Exedrine, or hair of the dog--have started to kick in by then and one is ready to run the rest of the alcohol out of the system. That's the theory behind this all anyway.

Special welcome to the folks we haven't seen in a while and the newbies. Well, I guess you're all newbies since this is the first running of the race. Anyway, nice to see you all there!

Thanks to all the volunteers and of course to Khoury's!

Sam Eid 24:39
Peter Brook 26:01
Jimmy Normile 26:16
Bob Ross 26:48
Jorge Espada 27:35
Alfredo Korzenik 27:39
Noel Robinson 28:22
Dom Daveta 29:34
Frankie Keane 30:03
John Gorvin 30:27
Jeff Zinn 31:39
Bob Silva 33:57
Gary Lowe 34:08
Sherry Gordon 34:18
Dave Maclean and Duffy 36:46
Rhonda Corey 36:49
Debbie Brendemuehl 37:56
Jennifer Jordan 38:37
Michelle Crews 38:38
Mike Kelleher 38:45
Joseph Smith 39:07
Phil Keely 39:17
Dede Kelleher 39:18
William Shea 41:13
Janet Montgomery 48:53