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Khoury's 4.13-mile run

E. Somerville (on the mean streets of...), MA, January 18, 2001

What's with this Alex Filides setting PRs all the time? He must be sucking energy from the older guys, who seem to be getting slower. Joe Devlin stuck to Coach Steve Burton like glue and pounded out a PR of his own. Later he was seen pounding beers with Bob Gamere as they discussed the finer points of candlepin bowling. Mario Chamorro rode his bicycle over to join us for his first Khoury's run. Welcome Mario! John O'Donnell claims he started late, but can you trust a guy who only works 6 months out of the year? South African Rowan Prior was spotted post-run with a coffin nail in his hand. What's up with that, Rowan? Dan Veskovic ran in his jeans and work boots. Look out Wayne Ramsey (of the pilot's uniform and shoes fame)! The boys from the Charles River Rugby club were among those who were the last to leave. Figures. 

The women's race was HOT!! The top four women finished within 12 seconds of each other. Joan Lally nosed in front of Nancy Given at the line for third place. Welcome to newbies Alison Davis and Elizabeth Palley (and welcome to SRR, Elizabeth!). Hilary Gibson is training for a marathon in Canada, and setting PRs along the way. Kathy Pepe and Janet Montgomery battled it out to the bitter end, with Janet being given the nod at the finish by the judges. No, the judges were not asleep. Two nameless ladies were blown on course. We hope they can stay for post-run beverages next time.


Carol Lahiff 29:55 Jill Hibyan 29:57 Joan Lally 30:07 Nancy Given 30:07 Amy Speckart 33:05 Alison Davis 39:55 Elizabeth Palley 39:36 Hilary Gibson 39:40 -- PR!!! Janet Montgomery 48:07 Kathy Pepe 48:07


Alex Filides 23:09 -- PR!!!!! Sam Eid 27:01 Peter Brook 28:39 Joe Buckley 28:46 Steve Burton 28:56 Joe Devlin 29:00 -- PR!!!! John Lally 29:11 Jamie Sarkesian 29:55 Mario Chamorro 30:01 John Gorvin 30:29 Rowan Prior 30:34 Dave Brno 33:05 Bob Gamere 33:13 Dan Veskovic 34:48 Dave MacLean 35:10 John O'Donnell 38:21 Wayne Ramsey 38:37 Matt Hoffenberg 39:14 Maurice "Mo" Kauff 40:08 Danny Solomon 43:26 Mike "Mick" McCann 43:30 Steve Pepe 43:58 Hal Baker 47:19

Lost and Found

Several first and second timers chose to run a little long. Or a little short. Or what we like to call a "creative course." Glad you guys made it back safely and we didn't have to send out the dogs.

Chris Blake Andy Holley Brian Earley