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Khoury's 4.13 mile run

E. Somerville, MA, January 11, 2001

Thin, beautiful, 29-year-old Kathy Pepe had just finished rugby practice and was looking for a 4.13-mile post-practice cool-down jog. She found it at Khoury's.

Karen Renzulli was blown on course. Nice of you to stop by, Karen! Hope next time you'll stay and have a post-run beverage with us! Peter Terhune was gracious enough to give Karen a lift.


Carol Lahiff 30:31 Joan Lally 31:19 Megan Aardema 31:56 Amy Speckart 32:34 (Karen Renzulli 33:44) Stephanie Shroot 36:05 Janet Montgomery 51:33 Beatrice Pullima 51:33 Kathy Pepe ?? Elizabeth Palley ??


Alex Filides 23:46 Sam Eid 24:47 Peter Brook 27:08 Mark Hemenway 28:40 Anthony Baldman 28:46 Ray Charbonneau 29:40 John Lally 31:19 Markus Gay 30:03 Steve Burton 30:33 John Gorvin 30:36 Peter Terhune 30:41 Matthew McLean 32:12 Dave Brno 32:32 Paul Hennessey 36:42 Buddy Hubert 36:43 Ken Peluso 47:26 John Robertson 62:16 Steve Pepe ??