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Khoury's 4.13M

E. Somerville, MA, February 22, 2001

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Results courtesy of the Somerville Road Runners.

"Care for a massage?" he asked innocently. "You're out of luck... that was
last week." 

32 runners graced the streets of Somerville, breaking into the top 10 Khoury's race times for 2001.... all in honor of Mr. Mark Hemenway's 43rd birthday. Mark was resting up for his marathon effort this coming weekend, and although he did not partake of the race or the birthday cake, he did enjoy a few birthday avocados. Many happy returns, Mark!

Women's Open

Nancy Doherty 25:47 - PR!!! Carol Lahiff 29:37 Hilary Gibson 37:46 - PR!!! Beatrice Pulliam 52:03

Women's Masters

Rosemary O'Malley 31:28 Louise Rossetti 63:02

Men's Open

Alex Filides 23:14 Jeff Phillips 25:52 Dave Brno 26:45 Anthony Chamberas 26:48 Ray Charbonneau 28:30 Dean Jackman 28:43 unknown runner 30:44 Chris Blake 30:41 Andy Holley 31:12 unknown runner 31:17 Reigo Lehtla 32:38 Matt Barrett 33:06 Rich Kilburn 35:11 Robert Burgess 36:00

Men's Master's

Peter Brook 25:43 Jamie Sarkasian 26:43 Jorge Espada 26:46 Paul Hennessey 27:49 Steve Burton 28:18 John Gorvin 30:04 Frankie Keane 30:26 (chip time 30:00) Bob Gamere 32:42 John Lally 33:05 Buddy Hubert 37:47 Wayne Ramsey 40:53 Dan Solomon 40:41