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Merrimic 7 Mile Handicap Race

Merrimac, MA, February 18, 2001

Overall Results

FEBRUARY 18, 2001

This was a handicap event. Each runner was asked to estimate or predict the time it would take them to complete the race. Based on this estimate, each was given a head start of an according proportion. This meant that the fastest runners (assuming an honest estimate) left the starting line last. Then they would be in a position to have to catch the rest of the field. Therefore, if all runners gave an accurate prediction of their pace, they would all be nearing the finish line at approximately the same time. The runners are listed in the order that they actually crossed the finish line. The last column titled "Actual" is the actual time it took to run the course.

Pl. Name Age Club Town Time Hdcp Actual

1 Jeff Gould 36 NMC Westminster 69:14 25:30 43:46 2 George Leslie 68 NMC Chelmsford 70:15 3:30 66:45 3 Rick Hersey 49 NMC Medfield 70:40 19:15 51:26 4 Phil McGaw 50 NMC Shirley 72:00 19:15 52:46 5 Dan Coffey 67 NMC Beverly 72:46 0 72:46 6 Joe MacDonald 57 NMC Medford 73:05 3:30 69:35 7 Tom McDonough 76 NMC Nahant 89:16 0 89:16