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Khoury's Weekly 4.13 Mile Run

E. Somerville, MA, February 15, 2001

"Care for a massage?" he asked innocently. Exhausted, I gingerly lowered myself onto the table. "Yes," I replied. He proceeded to knead the muscles of my back until the knots faded away. He stretched my hamstrings gently, carefully, like someone who'd done this kind of thing before. As the crowd began to grow, he took my hair in his hands and pulled slowly, just enough to make it exhilirating. "You're done," he announced, but I stayed on the table a few minutes more, just relaxing and enjoying the peaceful feeling. ...

... which was ruined minutes later by a dog: "No, Duffy, no!"

OK, well, it wasn't ruined. Duffy's a good dog. Thanks very much to Glenn O'Connor of CSU and his colleague Phoebe, both students at the Massage Therapy Institute, for bringing their massage tables to Khoury's and providing the runners with pre- and post-run massages.


Nancy Doherty 26:21 Robin Shor 33:00 Ann Murphy 40:26 Deirdre Joyce 40:27 Kathy Pepe 44:55


Alex Filides 23:14 Sam Eid 24:51 Bob Ross 25:50 Joe Buckley 25:57 Jorge Espada 26:19 Anthony Baldman 27:42 Peter Brook 28:49 Larry Horlick 29:29 Dave Brno 29:51 John Gorvin 30:34 Dan Veskovic 30:51 Mario Chamorro 31:11 Chris Blake 32:15 The Great Gamere 32:48 John DiModica 34:45 Jamie Sarkesian 34:48 Dave MacLean 39:38 Brian Early 40:40 Steve Pepe 44:37 James Baldi 44:37