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Somerville Fire Fighters 5K

Somerville, MA, December 27, 2001

Hosted by the Somerville
Striders Athletic Club

Something New, Something Old and Something Donated...New Somerville Folks & Long Time Somerville Folks..converging together, sharing tons of good cheer and good hearts tonight as we collectively raised $300.00 for the New York Fireman's Relief Fund...a nice way to end the year and millenium in Somerville.

Maybe the best women's battle in Somerville since the 1998 Khoury's Summer Steamer CREATED & DIRECTED by Papa Clyde happened unknown lass from County Waterford, Eire-Kate Delaney took it hard to former Notre Dame cross country runner and Somerville resident-Janel Kiley..womano to womano going up Holland Street..elbows flying..legs pumping..lungs working over-time..10th of a second win for Kate..loads of admiration for Janel !!!!

Many thanks to the Firemen who joined us tonight...and to the Chief of the Somerville Fire Department who lent us a Somerville Fire Truck and crew tonight to start and lead the lead runners..that's a first in Somerville..Happy Holidays and a Great New Year...

Photos by Jim Rhoades


1. Manny Arruda BFD Somerville, MA 20:37 2. Tom Bogart LFD Lynnfield, MA 21:30 3. Jack Fitzgerald SFD Somerville, MA 25:09 4. Paul Gillis SFD Somerville, MA 25:40 5. Dan Hyde SFD Somerville, MA 30:04 6. Jim Loveless SFD Somerville, MA 31:24 7. Mike Avery SFD Somerville, MA 32:17

The Mature Ladies:

1. Debbie Fichtner Charlestown, MA 26:47 2. Tricia O'Neill SSAC Arlington, MA 28:55 3. Sherry Gordan SSAC Lancaster, PA 28:56 4. Margery Williams Somerville, MA 32:18

The Ladies:

1. Kate Delaney WW Waterford, Eire 18:46 2. Janel Kiley Somerville, MA 18:461 3. Kathleen Fidler Brighton, MA 23:23 4. Cathy Boudreau IATC Medford, MA 24:52 5. Michelle McAndrews SSAC Somerville, MA 25:10 6. Stephanie Schroot SRR Somerville, MA 26:46 7. Nancy Norton SSAC Somerville, MA 27:27 8. Kathleen Carr Somerville, MA 29:49 9. Joanne Chan Somerville, MA 30:01 10. Michelle Burns Somerville, MA 30:48 11. Jennifer McCarthy Worcester, MA 32:51 12. Heather Kispert DF Needham, MA 35:46 13. Moana Benton Samoa 35:47

The Young Lads:

1. Alex Filides GBTC Everett, MA 17:49 2. Mike Wade NSS Salem, NH 18:22 3. Bill Vital NMC Grafton, MA 18:50 4. Jaret Seiberg Silver Spring, MD 20:13 5. Billy Cunningham Somerville, MA 20:31 6. Ryan DeCourcy Somerville, MA 21:32 7. Kevin Christian SSAC Dorchester, MA 24:19 8. Michael Manoogian SSAC Somerville, MA 24:38 9. Chris O'Brien SSAC Hyde Park, MA 24:51 10. Lucky O'Brien SSAC Hyde Park, MA 24:511 11. Mark Wolfgang Watertown, MA 24:06 12. Ryan Hanna Watertown, MA 25:51 13. Paul Watson Cambridge, MA 27:34 14. Tom Norton SSAC Acton, MA 29:40 15. Steven Mauras Somerville, MA 30:36 16. Gregory Gillis Somerville, MA 31:10 17. Mike Twohig Norwood, MA 31:26 18. Mike McCarthy Worcester, MA 32:52 19. Jim Hyde Somerville, MA 32:55

The Ole Farts:

1. Dave Camire GCS Dracut, MA 19:02 2. Paul Hennessey LAC Lynn, MA 19:55 3. Jim DuPont SSAC Raynham, MA 20:22 4. Mark Vital NMC Marlboro, MA 20:46 5. Ron LeBlanc Lynn, MA 21:56 6. Kevin McWatters Somerville, MA 22:47 7. Steve Leiker Cambridge, MA 22:49 8. Jack Connolly SSAC Somerville, MA 27:02

Ancient Man:

1. Freddie Bollen SSAC Swampscott, MA 24:25 2. Buddy Hubert LAC Melrose, MA 25:11 3. Brian Poli SSAC Lynn, MA 26:48

The Big Brutes:

1. David Morse Cambridge, MA 23:52 2. Russ Monk Malden, MA 24:22 3. Freddie Kirk SSAC Peabody, MA 24:29 4. Tommy Gorman Somerville, MA 24:36 5. Mike Hume SSAC Amesbury, MA 25:27 6. Eddy Noonan USACFRF Waltham, MA 28:30 7. Ed Nolan LSRC Medford, MA 28:33

SFD= Somerville Fire Department BFD= Boston Fire Department LFD= Lynn Fire Department

WW= Waterford Wildcats SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club GBTC= Greater Boston Track Club GCS = Gate City Striders NSS= North Shore Striders DF= Dana Farber IATC= Irish American Track Club LSRC= L Street Running Club NMC= North Medford Club USACFRF= USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Federation SRR= Somerville Road Runners