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Jerry Garcia Memorial River Run

Cambridge, MA, August 9, 2001

Overall Results

Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

The Great One from Ethiopia showed up tonight to give a lesson in river 
running.....Tesfeye Bekele smoked the 1st 2.6 miles in record course 
time..sub 14 minutes and then left 2nd place finisher Finbar Kirwin in the 
dust and I mean dust...100 degree weather created the dust as well as the 
smoke from Tesfeye's sneakers...loads of ancient Khoury's runners on-hand 
tonight to keep things cool for Papa Clyde...Marie Kemp being one who 
remembers when the cold beer was only a few schillings more than the Kenyan 
Fund fee...thats ancient:>)...

Bundles of competetion, fun running and camraderie tonight....loads of support for the American Legion Marsh Post....last one to leave locked the door at 1AM..

    Men's Open:
    1. Tesfeye Bekele           ERC             Addisabba, Ethiopia           23:15
    2. Finbar Kirwin                            Cork, Eire                    26:27
    3. Bob Blake                                Needham, MA                   30:07
    4. Brian Kavanaugh                          Brighton, MA                  32:21
    5. Alan Pulsifer                            Woburn, MA                   
    6. Jack Terranova                          Chestnut Hill, MA              34:35
    7. Kevin Christian          SSAC           Dorchester, MA                 35:02
    8. Ed Narenkincbs                          Jamaica Plain, MA              35:12
    9. Sean Keaney                             Brighton, MA                   35:17 
    10. Michael Manoogian       SSAC           Somerville, MA                 35:52
    11. Chuck Johnson                          Newton, MA                     39:30
    12. Kevin Leppman                          Cambridge, MA                  40:36
    13. Ryan Hanna                             Watertown, MA                  41:02
    14. Martin Zelle                           New York, New York             43:21
    Men's Masters:
    1. Jim DuPont               SSAC           Raynham, MA                    31:34
    2. Tom Murphy                              Norwood, MA                    31:36
    3. Ron Manucci                             Winthrop, MA                   36:52
    4. Dick Doran               WCRC           Plympton, MA                   37:56
    5. Buddy Hubert             LAC            Melrose, MA                    40:39
    6. Freddie Bollen           SSAC           Swampscott, MA                 43:10
    7. Brian Poli               SSAC           Lynn, MA                       44:02
    1. Larry Driscoll          USACFRF         Watertown, MA                  35:07
    2. Eric Fish               USACFRF         Hinsdale, MA                   48:45
    3. John O'Neil                             South Boston, MA               49:36
    Women's Open:
    1. Patricia Mistowski                     Boston, MA                      33:03
    2. Marie Kemp                             Jackson, Mississippi            34:30
    3. Meredith Haff           SRR            Somerville, MA                  35:28
    4. Kara Martin             SSAC           Watchung, NJ                    42:33
    5. Sue Driscoll            SSAC           Watertown, MA                   42:34
    6. Sara Zelle                             New York, New York              43:20
    7. Patricia French         CSU            Somerville, MA                  43:21 
    8. Laura Qualliotine                      Arlington, MA                   47:17
    9. Sara Faccidomo          SSAC           Somewhere in N.J                48:43
    10. Marie Jepsan                          Somerville, MA                  51:28
    11. Andrea Johnson                        Somerville, MA                  51:41
    Women's Masters
    1. Mary Martin                            Brighton, MA                    49:35