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22nd Annual GSH Summer Sizzler Series - 5K

Springfield, MA, August 29, 2001

Results courtesy of the Greater Springfield Harriers.

Carlos and Betsy Win Finale New Britain Dog Pound Attacks

  Carlos Rivera and Betsy Duquette raced to victories in the final Summer Sizzler of the season while two eleven year old runners from the New Britain Dog Pound running club erased records which had stood for a decade.

Carlos cruised to his third win of the year with a comfortable 19:13 clocking, followed by near senior Seth Roberts in a very respectable 20:30 and junior Derek Axton who took third in 21:04.   Betsy claimed her fifth title of the year in 22:17, just two ticks of the clock off her own age record despite a nasty fall while crossing the stream. Colleen Cummings placed second in 23:40 closely followed by eleven year old Jordon Roby whose 23:51 established a new age record, erasing the 25:11 standard set by Meghan Callahan nine years ago. Jordan competes for the New Britain Dog Pound of Connecticut and wasn't the only NBDP runner to chew up the infamous Harrier course. Teammate Roy "RJ" Mitchell scampered over the Forest Park trails with NBDP coach Chris Zduniak in 21:14 to claim the record for eleven year old boys. The old mark of 21:49 was set by Brendan Harris ten years ago.

Not to be outdone by the youngsters, Doug Blanchard chopped nearly a minute and a half off the record for seventy five year old men which he set earlier this month. The Champ increased his speed to 26:29 from the previous 27:57.


  1          19:13            Carlos Rivera               27M            GSH

  2          20:30            Seth Roberts                49M            GSH

  3          21:04            Derek Axton                 16M            ---

  4          21:14            Roy Mitchell                 11M            NBDP

  5          21:14            Chris Zduniak               31M            NBDP

  6          21:59            T. J. Martin                  43M            ---

  7          22:17            Betsy Duquette             46F            GSH

  8          22:20            Tom Regnier                41M            GSH

  9          22:50            Doug Cummings           39M            ---

  10        23:21            Alan Cabot                   46M            GSH

  11        23:25            Kevin Young                49M            GSH

  12        23:27            Tom Dwyer                 43M            GSH

  13        23:32            Bruce Rockwell           58M            ---

  14        23:34            Brian Goddu                51M            GSH

  15        23:40            Colleen Cummings        35F             ---

  16        23:51            Jordan Roby                11F            NBDP

  17        24:09            Charlie Contant             48M            GSH

  18        24:51            Euclide Desrochers        39M            GSH

  19        25:05            Bob Massaro                 57M            EORC

  20        25:42            Don Grant                     59M            SMAC

  21        26:12            Doug Bielefeld               41M            GSH

  22        26:18            Steve Terrien                 47M            GSH

  23        26:20            Jim Waltein                   40M            ---

  24        26:29            Doug Blanchard            75M            GSH

  25        26:42            David Barlar                  37M            ---

  26        27:09            Stephanie Leodard          16F             ---

  27        27:29            Mary-Lou White            46F             ---

  28        28:15            Angela Grise                   17F            ---

  29        28:17            Finian O'Shea ?              17M           ---

30        28:34            Peter Stasz                     54M           GSH

31        29:54            Ray Wenninger               52M           SMAC

32        30:04            Jim Monroe                    54M            ---

33        32:34            Dick Osgood                  64M            GSH