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CMS 52-Week 5K #15

Lancaster, MA, April 11, 2001

Results courtesy of the Central Mass Striders.

With Fred's Marathon, and that other event in Boston,
just a few days away, our little race paid tribute by
running five kilometers three-hundred-eighty-five
yards.  Yes, that is a little longer than usual, but
it was in keeping with the spirit of the event filled
weekend ahead.  The race had PRs, PSs, whining,
blisters, untied shoelaces, prizes, exhilaration,
pathos - in short everything but water stops, paid
foreigners, and meagerly clad coeds. Best of all, a
good time and tee shirts were had by all!

1  18:15 Kevin McKusker       40-49M Ashby, MA         NMC
2  18:58 Charlie Salmond      40-49M Fitchburg, MA     CMS
3  19:05 Lou Panaccione       40-49M Norfolk, MA       NMC
4  19:34 Pat McCormick        40-49M Rutland, MA       CMS
5  21:11 Bryan Johnson        40-49M Winchester, MA    CMS
6  21:38 Nick Seretto         00-19M Leominster, MA    CMS
7  21:53 Bill Sicard          40-49M Fitchburg, MA     CMS
8  21:57 Peter Wojtas         40-49M Chelmsford, MA
9  22:17 Joe DiMucci          40-49M Templeton, MA     CMS
10 22:28 Darlene Murray       40-49F Sterling, MA      CMS
11 23:50 Paul Breault         20-39M Hubbardston, MA
12 24:04 Jim Shope, JR        40-49M Leominster, MA    CMS
13 24:22 Ray Boutotte         50-59M Pepperell, MA     CMS
14 24:43 Jim Sicard           40-49M Fitchburg, MA     CMS
15 25:09 Tom Gagnon           40-49M Ashburnham,MA     CMS
16 25:26 Mike Seretto         40-49M Leominster, MA    CMS
17 25:28 Vinnie Seretto       00-19M Leominster, MA    CMS
18 25:29 Bill Haskell         50-59M Sterling, MA      CMS
19 25:49 Eddie Gallivan       60-69M Worcester, MA     CMS
20 26:00 David Tall           40-49M Leominster, MA    CMS
21 28:37 Paul Obara           40-49M Lunenburg, MA     CMS
22 31:42 Judy Sikorski        40-49F Sterling, MA      CMS
23 32:29 David King           50-59M Worcester, MA     CMS
24 33:49 Sarah Fullen         40-49F Leominster, MA    CMS

Volunteers: Joe Alfano (Worcester); Kevin Fallon (Worcester); Bob Girouard (Fitchburg); Donna LeBlanc (Gardner); Jan McNamara (Princeton); Jim Shope SR (Shirley)

(24F; low 50's, breezy, overcast)

You know, if this were reported in the HSR, it would probably have "Where Have All The Young Men Gone" as its theme song.