Unprecedented in the world of sports, the series of 10 km runs, 5 km walks and pre-race clinics is the only program that simultaneously reaches out to women of all ages with the opportunity to pursue elite racing, moderate running, or simple fitness in one unified international circuit. Headquartered at Avon's Global offices in New York, the circuit will open in 16 countries in 1998. These countries include Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Panama, Mexico, Canada, Thailand, China, Malaysia, the Philippines and the United States.

The announcement marks Avon's return to running sponsorship after a 12 year absence with an updated program that answers the need for the surging number of women who seek activities for a healthier lifestyle. Running and walking are the most economical, accessible and time-efficient methods of fitness and accommodate the lifestyles of today's busy women. While there are hundreds of events that exist around the world, Avon's is the only multilayered system that promotes upward mobility, and in many countries, will be the only organized method women have of pursuing fitness.