If you are interested in receiving entry information for any 1999 event, fill in the form below and check your cities of interest. If your city is highlighted in red, click directly through to download an entry blank to mail in. All other underlined cities are linked to further information about that event.

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Please click here if you ran in any Avon Running events in 1998
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USA Cities of interest:

June 13 Baltimore, Maryland
June 19 Sacramento, California
July 10 Hartford, Connecticut
July 25 Portland, Oregon
Sept 26 Chicago, Illinois
Oct 3 Kansas City, Missouri
Oct 31 Cincinnati, Ohio

International events for 1999

July 4 Barquisimeto, Venezuela
July 4 Mexico City, Mexico
July 11 Toronto, Canada
July 25 Davao, Philippines
August 1 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
October TBD Caracas, Venezuela
October TBD Slovakia
October 3 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
October 16 Budapest, Hungary
October 17 Bangkok, Thailand
May 21, 2000 Milan, Italy
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To receive information on starting a running or walking program, or to find a running club near you, visit the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) website.

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